What makes us different?

We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what sets Country Kiln Firewood apart from our competitors. You may think firewood is firewood, it's split you throw it in your fireplace and you're done. But that couldn't be further from the truth, not all firewood is equal.

We process our own wood, so we know what wood were splitting and which wood is acceptable and up to our strict standards. The other guys, get their firewood shipped in from unknown and random sources, they never know what species of wood they received. You may end up with soft woods that don't burn as effecticiently. With Country Kiln Firewood you're guaranteed quality hardwoods with every delivery.

Our firewood is split on concrete pads and never sits in the mud and filth, that means our wood can be stacked indoors without having to worry about leaving a huge mess behind. The other guys split their wood in piles on the ground and deliver plenty of dirt along with their wood.

Call us now at (203)258-5584 to experience the Country Kiln Firewood difference.