Is it worth it? (Part 2)

We're back again to describe the major differences between traditionally seasoned firewood and our Kiln Dried Firewood. Today we want to get into "Heat Output & BTU's" and what it means for you. 

Most people have heard of it before, maybe when shopping for a grill at the store. But what you may not have known is that BTU's also pertain to firewood. Different types of wood put off different amounts of heat. Most people know of the common hardwood being Oak, and some may be unaware that there are a lot of different species of Oak that all have their own heat output levels. The problem with seasoned firewood is its inconsistent moisture content, you can have the hottest burning species of Oak firewood, but if it's not properly seasoned you are going to waste heat output finishing the drying process before it even starts warming your home. Even firewood that has been seasoned for a year still has a considerable amount of moisture in it, that's why you get the popping and crackling while the fire is struggling to ignite. It's the moisture in the wood being essentially boiled out of itself. 

With our Kiln Dried Firewood the drying process is complete, so the heat output is being used to immediately warm your home. There's no moisture causing hissing and popping, just an incredibly warm fire that is effortless to get started. The biggest difference between the 2 types of firewood, is that our kiln dried firewood is consistent with each and every piece. You won't have to move around the logs or continually poke and prod at the fire to keep it going. Due to the efficiency of our firewood and the heat it puts out you will end up using less Kiln Dried Firewood to produce the same heat as compared to seasoned firewood. 

Another advantage of our Kiln Dried Firewood is due to the process in which we use to split and deliver the firewood you receive a product that is clean enough to store indoors. No worrying about bugs, no worrying about mud. 

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