Why is kiln dried wood better ?

Our state of the art kiln removes the moisture from the wood creating a superior product. The industry stanard air seasoned wood contains over 60% moisture, so when you finally get your fire to stay lit you never receive it's full heat potential. The heat the fire produces is wasted boiling the moisture from the wood. It requires putting more wood on the fire to produce a noticeable amount of heat, thus wasting more wood than necessary.

With kiln dried wood the moisture in the wood measures less than 20%. There's no struggling to get your fire lit and no worrying about it going out. You also receive the full heat potential from the wood, that means you use less wood to produce more heat.  Another major benefit of kiln dried wood is the drying process kills all mold spores so you can safely store the wood indoors. No worries about bugs either as the high temperatures kill off anything that may be hiding in the wood.

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