Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Country Kiln Firewood and Rayzor's Edge Tree Service. We're so very thankful to be able to celebrate with all of our family, friends, and of course our loyal customers. Hoping everyone enjoys a wonderful afternoon eating and relaxing by the fireplace. Don't forget to place your order for a delivery before Christmas so everyone will be able to stay warm while opening presents from Santa!

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CT Kiln Dried Firewood

Why buy in bulk?

You've seen it at the grocery store, gas station, maybe even a big box store, pre-packaged bundles of "quality" kiln dried wood. Although it may seem like a bargain for 8 pieces of wood, you end up paying $1,200 - $1,500 for a full cord of wood. We gathered prices from multiple locations and couldn't believe it ourselves. You're paying for the bag, label, shipping, price gouging from whoever is selling it on a cold December day.

With Country Kiln Firewood you're paying for the wood...that's it. We deliver and stack your order. No hidden charges, no annual contracts or delivery plans. You save hundreds of dollars and don't have to do anything but put another log on the fire, sit back and relax. 

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Another order of kiln dried firewood delivered and stacked! 

Another order of kiln dried firewood delivered and stacked!