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Kiln Dried Firewood

Why Buy from country kiln firewood?


Hardwoods Only

All of our Connecticut kiln-dried firewood is high-quality hardwood, such as oak and maple (no soft, quick-burning wood like pine!). It's harvested and processed by us so we know exactly what's in each and every order.


Guaranteed to Burn

Our kiln drying process takes the moisture content down to less than 20%, so our firewood burns hotter and is guaranteed to light more easily than air-dried firewood. Stop wasting hours trying to start a fire!


Clean & Fuss-Free

Our kiln-dried firewood is always clean, with no hidden pests, insect eggs, mold or mildew, and definitely no dirt or caked-on mud. It's always safe to bring our firewood inside to store near your fireplace.

benefits of kiln-dried firewood

Lights quickly with no fuss

Clean-burning so there's less creosote buildup

No bugs, dirt, mold, or diseases

Burns hot (35-45% hotter than other firewood)

Free from invasive pests like EAB

Transport it anywhere (not subject to quarantine)

Produces less smoke

Guaranteed to burn

kiln-dried firewood delivered right to your home

Country Kiln Firewood delivers high-quality firewood to all of Connecticut, including towns and cities such as Branford, Guilford, Madison, Fairfield, Westport, Stratford, Weston, and Wilton.

Delivery is free to many areas in the state (our standard delivery area is within 15 miles of our location in Stratford, CT). Some locations do have a delivery charge so please see our Delivery Area page for details.

We will stack your firewood for free in your rack or wherever you'd like. We also sell (and deliver) firewood racks.

ABOUT country kiln firewood



We know exactly where all of our firewood comes from and we process it ourselves. That way, we can guarantee that you receive only quality hardwoods that are properly dried.


A high-quality kiln is essential to produce high-quality firewood. All of our wood is "baked" in our kiln for 2-3 days and carefully monitored until the moisture level is below 20%.


We deliver our premium kiln-dried firewood throughout Connecticut to residential and commercial customers. There's a small delivery fee to locations more than 15 miles from Stratford, CT.