Why Choose Kiln-Dried Firewood?

Have you ever received firewood from another company that was difficult to start or wouldn't stay lit?

Ever felt like your fire wasn't giving off enough heat to keep you comfortable?

Have you noticed a strange smell coming from your stacked firewood?

Or had a swarm of insects emerge from your firewood after you brought it indoors?

These are common problems with "seasoned" or "air-dried" firewood.

Kiln-Dried Firewood is Different

What is kiln drying?

Kiln drying wood is the process of "baking" wood at temperatures that reach up to 250 degrees. The wood stays in our kiln for 2 -3 days where multiple fans blow the heated air around it. This reduces the moisture content of the wood to less than 20%.

In contrast, greenwood that is air-dried and delivered to your home can contain 60% or more moisture.

Dry wood burns hotter & lights more easily

"When you consider that one kiln dried piece of wood creates the same amount of heat that 3 wet logs produce then you can do the calculations to determine if the wood you are purchasing for your fireplace every year is actually costing you more than kiln-dried wood would cost."

If you are using a fireplace or wood-burning stove, kiln-dried wood is the best type of firewood to burn.

Compare Seasoned Firewood to Kiln-Dried Wood

"Seasoned" Firewood

Difficult to light

Has pests, insect eggs, mold and mildew, or diseases

Can harbor invasive pests like EAB & Spotted Lanternfly

Produces clouds of smoke

Causes creosote buildup in your chimney

Less energy efficient, produces less heat

Subject to quarantine so cannot be moved

Sizzles, pops and cracks instead of burning

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Lights quickly with no fuss

No bugs, mold or diseases

Free from invasive pests like EAB

Produces less smoke

Clean-burning for less creosote buildup

Burns hot (35-45% hotter than other firewood)

Transport it anywhere (not subject to quarantine)

Guaranteed to burn

Why is kiln-dried firewood better?

Due to the lower moisture content of kiln-dried wood, you receive the most efficient, clean-burning firewood available. The kiln-drying process removes the moisture from the wood so it burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than standard firewood. That equates to using less wood to put out the same amount of heat.

"Them" vs "Us": Learn the Difference

Wetter Wood = Sizzling, Smoking & Less Heat

Drier Wood = More Efficiency & Heat

The industry standard seasoned (air-dried) wood contains over 60% moisture, so when you finally get your fire to stay lit you never receive its full heat potential. The heat the fire produces is wasted boiling the moisture from the wood. You'll need to put more wood on the fire to produce a noticeable amount of heat, thus wasting more wood than necessary.

Dark + Wet = Bugs & Mold

No Bugs or Mold

A major benefit of kiln-dried firewood is that the drying process kills all mold spores so you can safely store the wood indoors. No worries about bugs either, as the high temperature inside the kiln kills off anything that may be hiding in the wood.

Not Always Clean

Clean Enough to Bring Indoors

Due to the process we use to split and deliver the firewood, you receive a product that is clean enough to store indoors. No worrying about bugs, no worrying about mud, and no dirt or sand deposits left on the floor.

Variable Quality

Consistent Quality

The biggest difference between the 2 types of firewood, is that our kiln dried firewood is consistent with each and every piece. You won't have to move around the logs or continually poke and prod at the fire to keep it going.

"This was my first time ordering "kiln dried" wood and I was absolutely blown away! We've been using seasoned wood since we bought our home a few years ago and I'm not sure I could ever go back. The kiln-dried wood burned so much longer and the best part, I put a piece on the fire after all the wood burned out (there was just embers on the ground, no pieces and chunks like normal) and when we finished cleaning up from dinner we had a roaring fire again. I was apprehensive because of the price but it's totally worth it, we used 4 pieces and it kept the house warm and lasted for a long time.

Also, thank you, Keith! He stacked the wood exactly were I asked and it looked beautiful!"

Tammy Smith

Quick firewood delivery right to your home or business. We'll even stack it for you!

Connecticut residents have relied on Country Kiln Firewood since 2014. Not only do we produce clean-burning, bug-free firewood from trees that have been locally harvested in Fairfield County and New Haven County, we also deliver and stack the wood for you!

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