Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

Do you own or operate a restaurant that uses a wood-fired brick oven?

Experience the difference kiln-dried firewood can make!

Country Kiln Firewood can help you save money while offering your customers the amazing experience of your wood-fired cuisine.

About Our Firewood

You can rest assured our firewood will give you a consistently even burn with every piece. We use 100% hardwoods, and because we process our own wood, it's free from oversized, rotted, or otherwise unsatisfactory pieces, guaranteeing you only receive the best.

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Free Stacking

We include free stacking with any size order. No more unsightly pile of wood outside of your restaurant. Now you will have more time to focus on the important things that come along with running a successful restaurant.

Delivery On YOUR Schedule

We can provide any size order from a 1/2 Face Cord to multiple cords, delivered and stacked wherever you need it. We can also deliver at any frequency you require. Had a busy weekend and need a delivery to keep the food cooking? No problem, we have multiple trucks delivering so delivery can be scheduled for whenever it's needed!

Did you know: Because our firewood burns more efficiently, you actually end up using much less wood to keep our oven at the temperature you require. For every 3 to 4 pieces of "seasoned wood", you only need 1 piece of kiln-dried firewood to produce the same heat output.

Save $ with energy-efficient firewood

100% high-quality hardwoods

Free stacking with every order

Order any amount, from ½ face cord to multiple cords

Delivery when you need it

Get a FREE Firewood Sample

Call us today to order your free sample of kiln-dried firewood from Country Kiln.

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