About Country Kiln Firewood

What Makes Us Different?

You may think firewood is firewood. It's cut and split, you throw it in your fireplace, and you're done.
But that couldn't be further from the truth.


There's a reason that Country Kiln Firewood has become Connecticut's premier source for kiln-dried firewood. We've proven to our loyal customers that we go above and beyond any other company in this industry.


Our Process

Over the years of supplying kiln-dried firewood to all of Connecticut, we've developed an efficient process that allows us to deliver firewood to your door for an affordable price.

We use a firewood processor that eliminates the need for wood to be processed by hand with slow machines that require back-breaking work

We process our own wood, so we know which types of wood we're splitting and what's acceptable under our strict quality standards

We only use quality hardwoods - we guarantee it!

Our firewood is split on concrete pads and never sits in the mud and filth, leaving you with clean wood that can be stacked indoors without worrying about leaving a huge mess behind

Why Country Kiln?

We've heard from so many customers that before they found us, they'd contemplated switching back to seasoned wood because the wood they were receiving from other companies was going downhill so quickly it wasn't worth the money.

Then, they found Country Kiln Firewood and found that we won't cut our quality just to get an additional order, or cut our cook times short just to get the wood to our customers more quickly.

Our quality and customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Call us today to see the difference Country Kiln Firewood can make in your fireplace!