Frequently Asked Questions

About Kiln-Dried Firewood

What does "kiln-dried" mean?

Kiln-dried firewood is wood that has been dried in a special type of oven called a kiln. With a kiln, you can control the environment in which the wood is seasoned (unlike when it's left outdoors to "season" naturally). A kiln can control the temperature and humidity, leaving you with firewood that has dried to the desired moisture content much more quickly than air drying.

How is firewood dried in a kiln?

Our kiln-dried firewood is split directly into our kiln's cages to be dried. It never touches the ground or sits in the elements for months on end. No rain, no mold, and especially no bugs!

The kiln reaches temperatures of over 250F for a period of 3 days all while the wood is being constantly monitored for its moisture content. During that time, large fans circulate the air throughout the kiln, ensuring each and every piece of firewood is being dried to our desired moisture level.

Why is kiln-dried firewood more expensive than other types of firewood?

We get asked this question quite often! Many people question if kiln-dried firewood is actually better than traditionally seasoned firewood and is worth the additional cost. We've also heard that kiln drying firewood is a Connecticut fad that will just pass. But the reality is, kiln-dried firewood has been around for way longer than you probably think.

Unfortunately, drying firewood in a kiln is an expensive process. Besides the cost of the kiln itself, there are costs involved in keeping it heated to the right temperature and operating the fans that circulate air around all pieces of wood. The kiln must be placed in a secure location and monitored continuously.

When met with the financial reality of buying and operating a firewood kiln, most companies pick splitting whatever wood they can get and toss it in a pile outside to season for a year. That's certainly a lot cheaper than operating a kiln!

Here at Country Kiln Firewood, we would rather invest in quality, kiln-dried firewood over traditionally seasoned firewood because it's such a clear winner when they are compared. That's why we have a state-of-the-art kiln in which all of our firewood is dried to exactly the right level.

Is kiln-dried firewood better than seasoned firewood?

Kiln-dried firewood burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than standard firewood. That equates to using less wood to put out the same amount of heat.

Our state of the art firewood kiln removes the moisture from the wood creating a superior product. The industry standard seasoned (air-dried) wood contains over 60% moisture, so when you finally get your fire to stay lit you never receive its full heat potential. The heat the fire produces is wasted boiling the moisture from the wood. You'll need to put more wood on the fire to produce a noticeable amount of heat, thus wasting more wood than necessary.

With kiln-dried wood, the moisture in the wood measures less than 20%. There's no struggling to get your fire lit and no worrying about it going out. You also receive the full heat potential from the wood, so you use less wood to produce more heat.  

Beyond the efficiency is the cleaner fire you get with our kiln-dried firewood. Standard firewood sits in the elements, almost always in a dirt area in someone's backyard. That firewood has to sit outside for an entire year before it's even remotely ready to be sold and burned. You've seen the piles before, they're never turned or moved around, so only the outer most layer is being dried, the inside is dark, wet and a perfect habitat for mold and insects.

A major benefit of kiln-dried firewood is that the drying process kills all mold spores so you can safely store the wood indoors. No worries about bugs either as the high temperature inside the kiln kills off anything that may be hiding in the wood.

Due to the process we use to split and deliver the firewood, you receive a product that is clean enough to store indoors. No worrying about bugs, no worrying about mud. 

With "seasoned" firewood, you have no real way of knowing exactly how long that wood has actually been seasoning for - it could be a month or 5 years, it looks exactly the same either way. 

The biggest difference between the 2 types of firewood, is that our kiln dried firewood is consistent with each and every piece. You won't have to move around the logs or continually poke and prod at the fire to keep it going. 

What kind of wood do you use in your kiln-dried firewood?

Here at Country Kiln Firewood we believe in using only quality wood to sell to our customers. Some others may use whatever they get, maybe pine, maybe spruce, they never take the time to check.

Being part of Rayzor's Edge Tree Service puts us at an advantage over the competition; we know exactly what types of wood we're processing. We use only quality hardwoods (oak, maple, ash, etc.) and we never accept any wood that has rotted areas. All of our wood is inspected and split by our crew so nothing ever slips by our quality control. Because we process our wood by hand, you receive a product that is consistently sized. 

Where does your kiln-dried firewood come from?

Knowing what species of wood is best for heat output and use in a fireplace or fire pit isn't really your job, it's ours. That's why we process our own wood. All the wood we process into firewood is cut down or sourced by our tree service company, Rayzor's Edge Tree Service. We know exactly what is being processed and delivered to your door. 

Which types of firewood put out the most BTUs?

Yep, BTUs. You've heard it before when you've looked at grills, or maybe even your fireplace insert. It stands for British Thermal Units and is a traditional unit of heat. It's defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the BTUs, the more heat a fire gives out.

But did you know that different woods produce different BTUs? 

The obvious one everyone always thinks of is "oak". But does red oak or white oak produce more heat? They're a close match, but white oak boasts a slightly higher BTU rating. But maybe what you didn't know is that Sugar Maple actually has a higher BTU rating than either oak species. 

The problem with seasoned firewood is its inconsistent moisture content, you can have the hottest burning species of Oak firewood, but if it's not properly seasoned you are going to waste heat output finishing the drying process before it even starts warming your home.

Even firewood that has been seasoned for a year still has a considerable amount of moisture in it, that's why you get the popping and crackling while the fire is struggling to ignite. It's the moisture in the wood being essentially boiled out of itself. 

With our kiln-dried firewood, the drying process is complete so the heat output is being used to immediately warm your home. There's no moisture causing hissing and popping, just an incredibly warm fire that is effortless to get started.

Firewood Delivery

We cover a large part of Connecticut with our premium firewood delivery and complimentary stacking service, including Hartford, New Haven, and New London. Please check our delivery area to see if we deliver to your town. Please see our Terms & Conditions for complete delivery details.

When and how do I pay for my firewood?

Fill out the order form to begin your order.

Prepayment is required.

In order to reserve a date for the contracted work to be completed, a prepayment in full shall be required.

This prepayment shall be paid by check or credit card. and received before the scheduled date. If payment is not received before the scheduled date, the service shall not be completed on said scheduled date.

If you choose to pay by credit card, the office will call you for your credit card details and schedule a delivery date.

If you choose to pay by check, the check can be dropped off at our office or mailed to:

P.O. Box 1165
Stratford, CT 06615

Returned Check Fee: There will be a $35.00 fee charged for all checks returned to our office for insufficient funds.

Once the payment is received, your delivery will be scheduled.

The contract price shall be valid for up to 6 months from the date of the proposal.

How long will it take before my firewood is delivered?

All firewood must be prepaid before a delivery date can be arranged.

We can usually deliver your firewood within one week of placing the order. During our busy season (September through January), it may take longer, depending on firewood and delivery availability. 

If you give us a call, we’ll be able to give you a more precise estimate on delivery times.

Do you allow cancellations?

If the contracted work should be canceled for any reason, cancellation fees in the form of forfeiting the delivery fee shall apply to any notice less than 72 hours in advance.

If a notice of 72 hours or more is given for cancellation, the prepayment will be refunded in full.

If anyone has been dispatched to the job site and the Country Kiln employee is not able to complete the service, the customer will be assessed a mobilization fee no less than $3.00 and up to $500.00 for incurred expenses (based on the delivery fee attached to the order).

In order for the delivery to be completed, the driveway must be clear of all snow and/or ice. Cars left in the driveway must be out of the path of the delivery truck/gates required to be opened for delivery purposes / able to be blocked in with a dumped firewood order.

Do I need to be home when my firewood is delivered?

You do not need to be there if the area we’re dumping the firewood or stacking it is easily accessible (for example, there are no locked gates). Before delivery, we’ll ask you where you’d like the firewood placed; if that location isn’t obvious, it’s helpful if you can be present during delivery or can mark the area for you.

Can you deliver firewood to me if I'm more than 15 miles away from Stratford?

Our standard delivery area is within 15 miles of Stratford; delivery within that zone is free. However, we’re happy to deliver to locations beyond that. In fact, lots of our firewood is delivered to far-flung areas across the state.

For firewood deliveries outside our standard delivery area, we charge $4 per mile for each mile beyond the 15 mile radius around Stratford.

How do you stack firewood when you deliver it?

We’re happy to stack your firewood where you need it, within reason (in the garage or on an outdoor rack are the most common places for stacking). We generally will not stack it in a location that requires multiple steps to access, or in a location where animals could get in the way of our delivery staff.

Country Kiln's vehicles cannot leave paved surfaces so a wheelbarrow must be used to bring firewood from the delivery vehicle to the stacking location.

This wheelbarrow shall not be expected to scale stairs, maneuver or travel more than 30 feet from the delivery vehicle itself.

If an employee of Country Kiln arrives on the property to perform any service and there is a loose animal on the property, the employee may attempt contact with the property owner to restrain the animal. If the animal is not restrained, the property owner may be charged a $50 mobilization fee in lieu of the service.

NOTE: We usually sell out of stacked firewood early in the winter season. Please check our Firewood Order page to see if it is still available.

Can you stack firewood for me inside my house?

We do not stack in the house. 

NOTE: We usually sell out of stacked firewood early in the winter season. Please check our Firewood Order page to see if it is still available.

How long does it usually take you to stack a delivery?

Most deliveries are stacked within 20 minutes, depending on order size and where we’ll be stacking it.

NOTE: We usually sell out of stacked firewood early in the winter season. Please check our Firewood Order page to see if it is still available.

If I'm not having my firewood stacked, where will it be dumped?

Before delivery, we’ll ask you where you’d like us to dump your firewood. We can dump it nearly anywhere as long as it’s an area that’s easily accessible for our delivery truck and allows the truck to stay on a paved surface. We cannot drive the truck on gravel, dirt, lawn, or other unpaved surfaces.

We strongly recommend that you have the firewood dumped on a paved surface to keep it clean and dry.

How large is the firewood delivery truck? Will it fit in my driveway?

Our firewood delivery trucks have only 2 axels, making them quite maneuverable. The stacking truck is a 20’ box truck that’s not very heavy at all (at least for a truck!). The dump truck is slightly heavier but it’s not a massive dump truck. We usually find that both trucks fit in a standard width driveway. If you have any concerns, please give us a call to discuss it before placing a firewood order.

Can I pick up my firewood instead of having it delivered?

There are no pick-up delivery options.

Do you sell and deliver firewood year round?

Yes, we sell and deliver our quality kiln-dried firewood to locations throughout Connecticut all year round.

Firewood Quantities & Dimensions

How much wood is in a cord of firewood?

The legal definition of a full cord of firewood in the USA is a stack of firewood that typically measures 4' wide x 4' high x 8' long and is 128 cubic feet in volume. That's a lot of wood!

You may also hear the term "face cord". That refers to a stack of wood 4' high x 8' long and on the average about 16" wide, or the size of the firewood pieces. In total, it's about 1/3 of a full cord of firewood.

What are the dimensions of a cord of firewood? A half cord? What about smaller amounts?

One cord

4' x 4' x 8'

128 cubic feet

½ cord

4' x 4' x 4'

64 cubic feet

Is it really better to buy firewood in bulk (by the cord or part cord)?

You've seen it at the grocery store, gas station, maybe even a big box store, pre-packaged bundles of "quality" kiln-dried wood. Although it may seem like a bargain for 8 pieces of wood, you end up paying $1,200 - $1,500 for a full cord of wood. We gathered prices from multiple locations and couldn't believe it ourselves. You're paying for the bag, label, shipping, price gouging from whoever is selling it on a cold December day.

With Country Kiln Firewood you're paying for the wood...that's it. We deliver and stack your order. No hidden charges, no annual contracts or delivery plans. You save hundreds of dollars and don't have to do anything but put another log on the fire, sit back and relax. 

Can I buy just a small bundle of firewood?

We do not sell bundled firewood.

However, you can readily find bundled firewood at garden centers and even grocery stores around Connecticut. That's fine for use in a firepit or one night in your fireplace. But it generally won't last much beyond that and you're paying a premium for the convenience of having a small stack of firewood bundled up so you can easily carry it home.